Network Innovation Day - Agenda

The network of the future is here

From inside. From the heart. From the hub of Telefónica, it comes the true transformation of the network. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, 5G and Security we will travel an innovative path revolutionizing all processes and technical infrastructures towards the digital future of our clients.


Innovation in the core. Chema Alonso and Guillermo Ansaldo

Planning and Operation of Data-Driven Networks. Francisco Montalvo
The information of our networks and the latest techniques of Machine Learning allow us to create a tool of reference in the industry for the development of increasingly better networks and thus enrich the user experience.

Advanced Network Planning. Inés Vidal and David Garoz
Did you know that more than 10 years ago Telefónica was a pioneer in the use of AI in networks? So that, Neptuno tool was created. We know that AI will be an indispensable element in the provision of our 5G services and we will be able to create exactly the network that each of our clients needs.

Data-Driven Operations. Anabel Montero
Do you want to learn with us how we automatically solve the 80% of network incidents? Join the new way of working that will improve the quality of the data and redesign our processes to take full advantage of the use of new techniques that will become predictive models.

Virtualizing the Network end-to-end. Enrique Blanco
Telefónica, through the UNICA program, streamlines the deployment and provision of services with the aim of achieving the extreme automation of the network.

Towards end to end Network Virtualization. Aurelia Martínez
Discover the evolution of UNICA: the e2e virtualization. The importance of having an end-to-end orchestration to manage all this infrastructure in an agile way.

We are the new B2B Platform. Hugo de los Santos
Vision of the B2B market: adoption of a new and more agile model, which is adapted to the new requirements of companies. A B2B ecosystem proposal oriented to the customer experience.

Edge Computing. David del Val
Learn in a practical way what is Edge Computing and how it benefits you, our B2B client. With demos of facial recognition, remote desktop or dynamic allocation and guaranteed bandwidth.

Coffee Break

Security from the Network. Pedro Pablo Pérez and Alberto Sempere
The current market demands a radical rethinking of network security. To do this, we will delve into how we are defining a security strategy from the network, providing a much more flexible and simplified model. This strategy is applied in different use case studies, from large corporations to residential customers.

Quantum Computers and the Security of Networks. Ignacio Cirac (special guest)
Quantum computers will pose a threat to the cryptographic protocols in use. One of the most recognized experts in the field will explain the challenges for the security of the networks and the procedures to restore it.

Towards Dynamic Networks based on Artificial Intelligence. Juan Carlos García
Our self-organized networks and their evolution towards cognitive mechanisms allow us to facilitate the deployments of mobile networks, as well as offer services based on AI techniques to address the complexity of the future 5G Networks.

Self-Organizing Networks. Raquel García
We decipher the Self-Organizing Networks: from manual intervention to the automation of tasks, with current and future use case studies.

Artificial Intelligence 5G Readyness. Francisco Montalvo and Mercedes Jiménez
How the AI complete the work of a network orchestrator that will be configured automatically and intelligently.

Institutional Closure. Chema Alonso and Enrique Blanco

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